Seller Policy Pages

To get started on as a Seller, Click on "Seller Account". Fill in all the necessary details and save your profile. Once your account is created, you can add your bank details through your dashboard.

Here are some tips for successful selling:

    • Master the art of pricing: Understand your customers' preferences and price your products accordingly. Compare prices with other online stores and leverage social media to attract buyers.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Strive for good feedback from buyers by understanding their needs, answering their questions, and providing value through gifts or personalized care during transactions.
    • Proper packaging is crucial for online selling. You can order packaging materials from by searching for "PACKAGING & SHIPPING SUPPLIES." Attract buyers with well-packaged products and avoid using images of products with rough packaging to minimize returns. When shipping products, ensure secure packaging to prevent damage during transit. Properly label the packages for easy identification. charges a commission fee based on the category of the item. For successful selling, upload high-quality product images with white or clear backgrounds. Craft comprehensive product titles and descriptions, including specific details and keywords. The Seller dashboard allows you to manage your products, update their status, and handle orders efficiently. After making a sale, the amount from the sale will be moved into your "Pending balance," and you can request a withdrawal. Uvicol has a Sanction Policy to ensure quality and compliance. Violations can lead to warnings, fines, product disablement, store suspension, or even closure. Selling counterfeit items is strictly prohibited and can lead to severe consequences, including legal action. Always check your emails for updates from, and if you have any questions or feedback, reach out to

By following these guidelines, you can become a successful seller on