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About this Support Policy

This Support Policy outlines the scope of support provided by for its services. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or if you disagree with it, please get in touch with us before using the Website. We may update this Support Policy periodically, so it is advisable to check this page to stay informed about any changes. This Support Policy became effective on 6th September 2021.

By using any part of the Website or providing personal information to us, you consent to the processing of your information in accordance with this Support Policy.

What Our Support Service Covers:

Our Support Service is limited to the products sold on It includes assistance with payments, information, complaints, and store configuration, ensuring compliance with the platform's rules. If you require help with setting up or configuring your account (dashboard), please consult the extension documentation first, as your query may have already been addressed there. If not, you can submit a support ticket.

Bug Fixing:

We strive to promptly fix any defects on our platform that are brought to our attention. Smaller defects or errors may be addressed via our Helpdesk as a preliminary measure before including them in larger platform updates scheduled by us. If you believe you have identified a bug, please notify us, and to expedite the process, contact us through the provided contact-us option.

What Our Support Service Does Not Cover:

Our Support Service does not extend to products or services purchased from registered or unregistered sellers outside our platform or from sellers under suspension.

Product Support Channels:

We provide Support Services primarily through our Helpdesk, which offers Live Chat or Email-based support. At present, we do not consistently provide support through other channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or over the phone. To access our Support Service, you need to submit a support ticket using your account. Depending on the nature of the complaint, you might be offered a live chat option. Please keep in mind the areas we support when submitting your support ticket. All support tickets and the information shared within them are confidential and will only be visible to you and our support team.

Other Support Options:

You may find community forums helpful for tips and assistance from other users. We do not moderate these forums, and we do not control the discussions therein. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for the content of these discussions or necessarily endorse them. Please exercise discretion and independently verify any advice received through community forums before relying on it.

General Information:

If you have account-related issues or wish to contact us, please use the contact-us option, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Incorporation by Reference:

This Support Policy incorporates relevant provisions and their subordinate provisions from the Terms by reference. The Terms' interpreting provisions, Support Service, and Your Privacy are included in this Support Policy. In case of any conflict between this Support Policy and the Terms, the provisions of this Support Policy will prevail.

Supplementary Glossary:

In this Support Policy, certain terms have specific meanings as set out in the Supplementary Glossary below, interpreted in accordance with the principles outlined in the Terms.

Supplementary Glossary:

  • "Electronic Communications" refers to any text, voice, sound, image, or video message sent over an electronic communications network, which can be stored until collected by the recipient.
  • "Helpdesk" pertains to the Support Service interface accessible on our Website.
  • "Support Policy" denotes this support policy, subject to amendments.